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Brochure 2024

Silver Series

This modular design concept allows you to mix and match individual cooking equipment parts to create your optimum kitchen layout.

600 Series

Perfect for compact areas. You can work wonders even within 1m² space.

700-S Series

Every detail is geared towards high performance. This series is compact but highly versatile.

700 Series

Kusina 700 serie offers you medium size cooking equipments with the performance of bigger products.

900 Series

Save time while saving energy. 900 Series is known for providing maximum power along with maximum efficiency.

Banquet Trolleys

Security and accessibility together. Large handles help carry the heaviest loads.

Charcoal Grill

Be the master of the flames. Don’t let the flames rule you. Set the flame levels automatically or manually. The elevator system helps you cook exactly the way you intend.


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